Who are We?

Harper & Sky is a lifestyle brand dedicated to bringing the best trendy yet comfortable activewear, athleisure, and loungewear to women and men all over the world. At Harper & Sky, we believe that comfort and style go hand-in-hand, and ordering your next favorite outfit should be easy as clicking a button. We believe in an effortless style. We believe in confidence.  We believe that your clothes should be as strong as you are. And we believe that you deserve to stand out.

Our History & Mission

Our brand was initially created by an active mom named Natasha on her journey to rebound from trauma by taking care herself mentally and physically, in the process losing over 75 lbs. Harper & Sky was born from a wish to share and empower, inspire and encourage other women.


From the beginning it’s been essential that Harper & Sky represents the strength in all women. A brand that women can feel good about themselves in; to feel confident and comfortable in what they’re wearing and what they’re standing up for.

Then, in order to chase new dreams, Natasha entrusted Harper & Sky to a likeminded family-owned business in the panhandle of Texas. This husband and wife team along with their kids and a crew of folks so close they might as well be family were already running wholesale apparel business and several rural boutiques when they welcomed Harper & Sky into the fold. 

Now you'll see expanded options at Harper & Sky including a men's line and plus sizes to allow more people to take advantage of well designed activewear and affordable prices. But the mission is the same...empower all people to feel strong inside and out.

Crew in Harper & Sky Althleisure

That is Harper & Sky. It’s knowing the struggles, and triumphs, the pain and the joy that come with being a human. In knowing that we are all imperfect and it’s those imperfections and those “flaws” that make us so beautifully unique. It’s in knowing when to take ourselves seriously and when it’s okay to be our most outrageous. It’s in falling down and having the strength to stand back up and try again. It’s finding the confidence to FEEL confident. To feel empowered and to feel unapologetically good about yourself.


Behind the Name

It started with article about Harper Lee (author of To Kill a Mockingbird). In this article, it said she had confided to those closest to her years and years ago, that she was absolutely terrified of releasing the book once it had been written. She didn’t consider herself to be a writer, much less an author, and was so scared at what the reaction might be once others read it. But the really amazing is this: she did. She released it anyway. And look what it became. This huge classic. So ‘Harper & Sky’ represents internal struggles, similar to what Harper Lee experienced way back when;  similar to what other people face every day, and then setting aside our fears and to act on a leap of faith and leave our comfort zones behind. To go after our dreams, because the ‘Sky’ is the limit.

The Team

You know it takes an dedicated group to run even a small business like ours. So while we highlight the two people you'll come into contact the most on Harper & Sky, know there is an entire crew taking care of you behind the scenes. 

Caden Riggins for Harper & Sky

Caden Riggins is the man with the guns you'll often see on the site. In addition to leading Harper & Sky, he also is seeking double majors at Oklahoma State University, keeping his brain sharp by working out often, and helping out wherever he can with the family business. 

Payton Harrell Priest is a newlywed and recent grad of Texas Tech University where she studied agricultural communications. Used to running free in rural Texas, she's figured out that the way to keep her fun-loving spirit and positive outlook is to keep moving. She has a passion for style and fashion, but maintains a laid-back lifestyle helping lead Harper & Sky.