Who are we?

Harper & Sky is a lifestyle brand dedicated to bringing the best trendy yet comfortable activewear and athlesiure wear to women all over the world. At Harper & Sky, we believe that comfort and style go hand in hand, and ordering your next favorite outfit should be easy as clicking a button. We believe in an effortless style. We believe in individual beauty.  We believe that your clothes should be as strong as you are. And we believe that you deserve to stand out.

Meet the Owners

Owner of Harper & Sky

Some of you may know me. I'm Natasha. Wife to Chad, #boymom to Cooper, dog mama to Gracie, and co-owner of this brand (alongside my amazing husband). Besides my beautiful son, Harper & Sky is my baby. Although we're online, and although we ship worldwide (we have amazing, absolutely AMAZING shoppers all over the world), we're still a small business. We started out as a dream, which turned into a conversation, which turned into a leap, which turned into Harper & Sky. Our story is simple: We live in Iowa. We love all things pizza and baseball related, and my favorite thing about this brand is that I get to meet and build relationships with our amazing shoppers. I'm a mom first, and business owner second, but I adore everything about what you fabulous people allow me to do every day; bring you amazing activewear, hopefully a little bit of inspiration, and build relationships with other incredible women. So today, and every day, I want to say Thank You. Thank you for shopping Harper & Sky, thank you for trusting in me, thank you for helping me show and teach my son the meaning of hard work and building something you believe in, and thank you for helping turn this dream into a reality!

Our History & Mission

About Harper & Sky

From our owner, Natasha

When I initially had the vision to create Harper & Sky, I imagined it becoming this brand that stood for something amazing. A brand that empowers, inspires, and encourages women. I didn’t know exactly how we would get there, but I would write down my ideas in my notebook and just know that somehow God would mold them into something beautiful. 

Something that I typically don't talk about, is actually a huge catalyst for my reason WHY. The driving force for why I'm always striving to be the best version of myself, and hopefully spread some love and inspiration along the way. When I was about 18 years old I went through a really difficult time my life. I suffered a trauma, and it sent me spiraling into a pretty dark place. I felt very lonely, and sad, and didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself, and I ended up gaining quite a bit of weight during this time. I was just very unhealthy both emotionally and physically, and didn’t believe that I was worthy of anything great.

It took a LOT of healing over the next few years, a lot, but luckily, through the grace of God I was able to pull myself out on the other side of what I had been going through. I slowly started to see that I was worth so much more than I had previously believed, and it ignited a desire within my heart to start taking care of myself. I ended up losing 75 pounds, but more than just the weight, I was starting to see my value in this world and believe that I was capable of so many things.

I spent so many years in the shadows that now that I know better, I refuse to spend one more second there. And if I can ensure that no other woman feels reduced to being silent.. someone who merely blends in when she could rise above and stand out? Then I have done my job. 

From the outside looking in, we sell clothes. But for me, it’s so so much more than that. When I see our shoppers tagging us in their family photos, or in a gym selfie after a new PR, it makes me feel like we were right there sharing in that moment with them. 

From the beginning it’s been essential to me that Harper & Sky represents the strength in all women. That it can become a brand, and further, a community, of women who aim to inspire, empower, and encourage one another as the normal practice. A brand that women can feel good about themselves in; to feel confident and comfortable in what they’re wearing and what they’re standing up for.

about harper & sky

That is Harper & Sky. Harper & Sky is every woman. It’s knowing the struggles, and triumphs, the pain and the joy that come with being a woman. In knowing that we are all imperfect and it’s those imperfections and those “flaws” that make us so beautifully unique. It’s in knowing when to take ourselves seriously and when it’s okay to be our most outrageous. It’s in falling down and having the strength to stand back up and try again. It’s finding the confidence to FEEL confident. To feel empowered and to feel unapologetically good about yourself.


Behind the Name

I get asked ALL the time where ‘Harper & Sky’ came from. When we were in the early planning stages of this amazing brand, I had read an article about Harper Lee (author of To Kill a Mockingbird). In this article, it said she had confided to those closest to her years and years ago, that she was absolutely terrified of releasing the book once it had been written. She didn’t consider herself to be a writer, much less an author, and was so scared at what the reaction might be once others read it. But the really amazing is this: she did. She released it anyway. And look what it became. This huge classic. So when I think ‘Harper & Sky’ I think about my internal struggles, much similar to what Harper Lee experienced way back when; much similar to what other women face every day. I think about how important it is to set aside our fears and to act on a leap of faith and leave our comfort zones behind. To go after our dreams, because the ‘Sky’ is the limit.

The Team

We are so fortunate to have an amazing team built of models, squad members, web designers, social media experts, influencers, bloggers, photographers, and more. We love to feature some of our team from time to time on our blog. Photography credit on the site is a combination of Ashley Hempel, Phil Dodds, and Natasha Funderburk