Wellness Q&A with Erin

It's Q&A time with Erin from All-Inspired Wellness! We posted on social and asked you to ask US some of your fitness, wellness, & nutrition questions! Read below to see some of the most commonly asked questions (as well as Erin's responses!) and feel free to post a question of your own in the comments section! 

Wellness questions

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What’s your workout routine?

Other than the fitness classes I teach, nothing is ever set in stone. I actually don’t have a set routine that stays the same week to week, basically I do the workout I’m in the mood for with the time I have! What does stay consistent are the weekly classes I teach at a local yoga studio called The Zen Box.  One is a cardio-kickboxing class and the other is a Hip Hop Flow yoga class, so those are guarantees twice a week.

I also love doing total-body circuit exercises in my home gym with a focus on glutes and shoulders. These at-home strength training workouts happen 2-3x a week and I fill in the rest of the days with incline walking on my treadmill (while catching up on my favorite Netflix shows of course).  I also teach monthly yoga classes to corporate wellness partners through my business, so those get thrown into the weekly mix as well.

What’s a workout you never thought you’d love?

BURPEES, I used to despise them with a passion. But once I started incorporating them in classes along to the beat of the music, the movement gave me a whole new feeling! They became empowering, energizing, and best of all it’s easy to notice growth the more you do them.  I love workouts that your body can adapt to with consistency, and burpees are definitely one of those.


How to stay consistent with eating healthy? I have 2-4 good weeks then binge for a few days. 

Consistency is one of the hardest parts of “eating healthy” because oftentimes the diets we choose to follow are deprivation-based (meaning they focus on what foods we “can’t eat”... in turn making us want them more).  The key here is making healthy eating a part of your lifestyle long-term, and in order to do so the foods we eat need to be ENJOYABLE and actually taste good (ie. not just chicken + broccoli + brown rice, repeat).

That’s why I love creating recipes for clients and offering free ideas through my social media accounts, because enjoying what we’re eating is really the foundation to making a healthy diet consistent long-term.

In regard to binges/overindulging in less nutrient-dense foods, this can be triggered by a deficiency in certain macro or micronutrients (for example if you’re eating hardly any carbs on your “diet”, you’re likely to binge on carbs when you do overindulge because that’s what your body is lacking). This is why developing a macro-balanced diet is necessary for most people to establish sustainable healthy eating habits long-term.

Another example is I often notice my clients aren’t consuming enough fats when they’ve tried cutting calories or “eating healthy” in the past.  This actually can be counterproductive because not only does an absence of healthy fats cause us to become MORE hungry, it can also skew our hormones so we’re unable to feel full after a meal (which in turn leads to overeating). There’s a lot more involved in nutrition consistency and preventing cravings, so I may have to address this topic in another #WellnessWednesday Q&A in the future!

How can I motivate myself to workout (especially in the morning)?

  • Set a regular bedtime.  If you're not getting enough sleep on a regular basis (or going to bed at a consistent time), the grogginess you feel upon waking won't go away/make the morning workout any easier.  

  • Set a reasonable goal for the workout itself and/or find a workout you actually ENJOY.  If you do feel unmotivated in the mornings, doing a lifting workout or one that you have to actually think about might not be feasible at first.  So, start with something more simple like X minutes of cardio, walk your dog, or find a fun dance workout on YouTube. The goal here is to make it enjoyable enough that we don't dread doing it when we wake up.

  • Plan ahead and set yourself up for success with visual cues.  Put your workout clothes out before going to bed and fill your water bottle up the night before so you don't have to do any extra prep in the morning.  This will cut down on wasted time as well as eliminating those extra minutes to change your mind ;)

  • Lastly, finding a workout/accountability partner can be helpful, but I understand morning schedules can make that difficult unless you find someone with the same schedule as you.  If you feel like an accountability partner would benefit you and can make another time for exercise work (over your lunch break, after work, before dinner, etc.), then great! The best time to workout is whenever it works best for YOU.

Thank you, Erin, for sharing these tips with us! 

Erin Dittmer is a Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist living in the Quad Cities. After years in the fitness and nutrition industry, Erin started a wellness company in 2016 catered to helping people live happier, healthier, and more vibrant lives. She has felt so blessed that her business, All-Inspired Wellness, allows her to empower others to look and feel their absolute best on a daily basis. Her mission is to help people stop dieting and start living by showing them how simple (and delicious!) a healthy lifestyle can be. You can learn more about All-Inspired Wellness by visiting their website, or by following on Facebook and Instagram. 

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