Show Yourself Some Love on Valentine's Day!

February Challenge: Love Your Life and Create a Great Relationship with Yourself

With Valentine's Day right around the corner we usually start to focus on showing that special someone in our lives just how much we love them. But if we're being honest with ourselves.. how often do we do that same thing when it comes to us??
This year for Valentine's Day, let's shake things up a bit and do something different! 
Whether you're in a relationship or watching Netflix with your furbaby this year, this Valentine's Day I want you to focus on loving yourself and your life just a little bit more. addition to all the other loves of your life, I want you to be your own dang Valentine.

If your typical day to day sounds anything like mine, then you get up every morning and rush the kids off to school, get yourself the strongest coffee possible, and get on with your never-ending to-do list. You respond to emails, and phone calls, and demands from all sorts of people. Then, before you know it, it's already time to fight that school pick up line, buy groceries, cook three separate dinners because your child decided he no longer loves his favorite food ever 3 bites in.. then it's bath time, more emails, social media stalking.. and there's barely time for a breath in there - let alone time to spend doing the things that help us relax or bring us joy.  

(Let me pause for a second and say that scenario I just described IS what brings ME joy - especially the Facebook stalking.. kidding, kidding.. With maybe a good book or an episode of the Real Housewives thrown in there ;) ).

But my point is that it's super easy to get caught up in all of the stuff that NEEDS to get done, and we as women, are sometimes guilty of putting ourselves dead last. We give and we give and we give until there's nothing left for the most important person of all.. ourselves.

So this month I want to encourage you to try something new! Do something nice for yourself while you're doing all those nice things for the other people you love so dearly.

Here are 3 Things You Should be Doing for Yourself this Month!

Treat Yo-self

Maybe the idea of dating yourself doesn't sound appealing.. although you're guaranteed to laugh at all your jokes, you'll always get first choice of restaurants, and you are pretty awesome. But what I mean is this.. choose that one thing you love to do, and go do it! Take advantage of 30 minutes at your favorite coffee shop sipping your favorite latte. By yourself. And enjoy it. 

Have you been dying to see the latest movie at the theatre? Take yourself out, buy the biggest tub of popcorn, and go watch it. 

Been eyeing that super cute sweater at your favorite boutique? As long as you feel comfortable spending some $ on yourself, do it. Wear it, put on some fierce lipstick, and go out and slay your day. 

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And our favorite accessories!!

Accessories for valentine's day

Just Say No

Stop overcommitting to things that you don't have time to do or aren't required to do.. if these things are causing you more stress than they are joy. If you honestly don't have the time to volunteer at your child's school's Valentine's Day Bake Sale, say no and move on. Don't beat yourself up over it. Instead, focus your time and energy on the things and the people and activities with those people that are worth it to you. Practice saying No to the things that don't bring you joy so that you can start saying Yes more often to the things that do. 

Make Yourself a Priority

January has come and gone, and before we know it, February will have done the same.  Have you held on strong to those New Years Resolutions, or have they started to slip as you find yourself falling back into old habits? Whatever they are, make the time and stick to them.

If your goal is to work out four days per week, set that alarm an hour earlier while you know your family is still sleeping, and exercise. The first five minutes will be the hardest but I promise you that you won't regret it afterwards.

If you've promised yourself 30 minutes every day to relax, set your alarm as a reminder and sneak off to take a warm bath before bed; complete with candles, your favorite book, and complete silence.

If you have to write it in your schedule to actually do it, then go for it. As long as you're not letting the promises you've made to yourself slip as you get caught up in taking care of everything and everyone else around you. 

Needing some extra motivation? We've put together our favorite workout outfits that will make you want to show off your new outfit in the gym! 

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However you decide to celebrate this Valentine's Day, make sure that you're taking some time to also celebrate you, not only on Valentine's Day but every day!


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