Leggings We Love

Leggings have seriously become a staple in millions of women's wardrobes, mine included. They're the first thing I go to grab when planning my outfit each morning, and the first thing I grab after I get home from a day/night out where I'm forced to wear jeans. 

But what makes a pair of leggings so freakin' magical?

The answer?

Comfort + Style. When those two go hand in hand, you can't go wrong. We all know that we crave feeling comfortable, while at the same time feeling confident, sexy, and just plain good in the clothes we're wearing. And when we feel we look good, we feel good. It's pretty much a scientific fact.

So, to celebrate the pants that we all love so much.. we've rounded up our favorite leggings that check all the boxes and we're sharing with you below! 

Leggings We Love

High Waisted Leggings

High Waist Leggings

Remember when it was cool to wear really low-rise pants? Yeah.. that was a trend I hated even though I wore nothing but low-rise jeans at the time. Talk about uncomfortable?! Nobody wants to be feeling like they're hanging out of their pants. (Can we for a second make a pact that we'll all band together and never allow low-rise to come back in style? K thanks). 

Thank God, some woman somewhere decided that high-rise was cool. Not only do you  not have to worry about everybody seeing your business, but high waisted pants are also great because you don't have to waste precious time making adjustments, the fit is generally super flattering, AND a high waist helps hold in your tummy. Which this mama is all about. 

High Waisted Leggings

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Floral Leggings


I'm totally guilty of going straight for a basic pair of black leggings, but luckily, cute patterns are making a comeback, which is totally giving my closet some life this season! 

From florals, to camo (my personal fave), stripes, and everything in between - patterns are the new black. (Or at least a really good close second). 

Patterned Leggings

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Classic Leggings

Classic Leggings

There's nothing wrong with keeping it classy, ladies. As the great Coco Chanel said, "A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous." Well we wouldn't want to disappoint Coco now, would we? 

Classic leggings will never go out of style. They're your not-so-basic timeless staples that you'll wear time and time again. No matter the season, no matter the year. 

Classic Leggings

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Fishnet Mesh Activewear

Moto + Mesh Leggings

An obsession of mine for the last two years involves moto. Moto denim, moto pants, and now.. thankfully, moto leggings. Adding an element of ribbed moto or even mesh to leggings gives your timeless look an edgy vibe, and my personal favorite part about the look is often - you can dress it up.

That's right, ladies. Keep those leggings on for date night because we got you covered. 

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What's your favorite style of leggings? Vote on your #1 choice and comment below! 

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