How Often Should You Replace Your Workout Clothes?

You find a pair of yoga pants that fit like a dream, and before you know it you've had those babies for 10 years - and it shows. Yet you still wear them because they're the most comfortable things on earth. We get it, and we definitely have our own veteran pair of yoga pants (or two). 

But a question that typically comes up is how often should you really be replacing your workout clothes? We're talking clothes that get excessive wear during some of those high-impact activities like we mentioned in our Sports Bra Guide

While we definitely encourage frequent new-outfit-shopping, we've put together a mini guide to help keep you on track for when it's time to retire those old leggings and bring in a new fave pair! 

How Often Should You Replace Your Workout Clothes?

How often should you replace your workout leggings

On average, a typical pair of workout leggings last anywhere between 6-8 months, when you're wearing them regularly during consistent activity. What do we mean by this? If you're wearing your leggings at least once per week during any type of physical activity, then the life of them is going to be shorter than if you're just wearing them for everyday lounging and out and about running errands. 

So how do you know when it's time to replace your leggings?

Any pair of leggings that have been loved will start to age. You may notice the elastic begin to give, and you may have to start pulling them back up during activity. Sometimes you'll notice the fabric start to age a bit, and the hem around the thigh area may start to loosen.

These are all normal signs, and even the biggest names in activewear have this happen. It's really no different than buying a great pair of running shoes and having them reach the end of their life, too. All good running shoes have to be replaced after so many miles, and the same holds true for good activewear. 

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how often should you replace your sports bras

Similar to leggings, your sports bras should be replaced about every 6 months. Now keep in mind, when we say "replace" - it doesn't mean you have to get rid of them. It just means you may want to swap out your older ones for some newer, that way you're getting the most support during the toughest of workouts. 

How will you know it's time to replace your sports bras?

Similar to leggings, you'll notice your older bras won't feel as supportive as they once did. Meaning, you may start to notice some overall.. sagging, unfortunately. What once made you feel so locked in and secure, will leave you second guessing the outcome of some double unders at the gym. Hey, we're all ladies here. We've been there. 

The best part about retiring old sports bras is the old faves can quickly become new comfort bras to wear around the house. And, it gives you an excuse to go shopping, which is always a great thing, right?!

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how often should you replace your gym shoes

There's definitely a science that comes to knowing when it's time to replace your gym shoes. The most important sign is any kind of pain or discomfort during wear. If you start to feel pain or discomfort while wearing your gym or running shoes, don't hesitate in going to get a new pair. Wearing shoes that aren't supportive of your feet can ultimately lead to injury, and we all know that nobody has time for that. 

When should you replace your running shoes?

Running shoes are similar to leggings and sports bras in that they should be replaced roughly around every 6 months. A more accurate way to know the timeline is to replace after every 300-500 miles. 

When should you replace your regular workout shoes?

For all other gym shoes, you'll also want to follow that 3-6 month timeframe, but a simple way to tell if you're unsure is to flip them over and look at the soles. If you've worn down the tread, and if the structure of the shoe doesn't compress anymore when you squeeze or press down, then it's definitely time to go shoe shopping.

how often should you replace your gym accessories

Yoga mats, water bottles, and headbands all need to be replaced, too! You headbands will differ depending on how often you're actually wearing them, but yoga mats have an active life of about 6 months, and water bottles should be replaced each year! 

Yoga mats tend to harbor germs, and when you're cleaning excessively with chemicals, you can break down the structure of the mat.

With water bottles, constant use will begin to break down the plastic in which they're made - so your safest bet is to replace after using for about a year. 

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What tips have you learned when it comes to replacing your workout gear? Share them in the comments below!! 


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