Best Foods to Eat After a Workout

I get a lot of questions from clients about the best foods to eat after a workout for maximum lean muscle #gainz and fat loss.  The answer is a lot simpler than people think because you just have to remember two components: protein and carbohydrates. 

After a workout, especially involving weight-lifting, we want to focus on recovery since our muscle fibers have broken down and need to be replenished.  Protein helps us get the most benefit from our workouts by replenishing our muscles with the amino acids they need to strengthen and heal.  Carbohydrates are also important after a workout because they aid in this muscle recovery.  Without carbs, our muscles have a much harder time utilizing the protein for synthesis and growth.

Here are some of my favorite examples of easy protein + carb combinations:

  • Protein shake with fresh or frozen fruit, milk of choice, and protein powder
  • Hard-boiled eggs and a piece of fruit
  • Whole grain or gluten-free tortilla with deli meat or shredded chicken
  • Cottage cheese with peaches
  • Tuna and crackers
  • Greek yogurt and berries
  • Oatmeal and a couple scrambled eggs

protein and carb snacks post workout

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Thank you, Erin, for sharing this with us!

Erin Dittmer is a Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist living in the Quad Cities. After years in the fitness and nutrition industry, Erin started a wellness company in 2016 catered to helping people live happier, healthier, and more vibrant lives. She has felt so blessed that her business, All-Inspired Wellness, allows her to empower others to look and feel their absolute best on a daily basis. Her mission is to help people stop dieting and start living by showing them how simple (and delicious!) a healthy lifestyle can be. You can learn more about All-Inspired Wellness by visiting their website, or by following on Facebook and Instagram. 

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