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Last weekend, Harper & Sky teamed up with our friends at Ego Eimi (pronounced "I-me") Fitness for a free, community workout! Ashley, one of Ego's coaches and one of our ambassadors, put us through a killer delt + booty cardio kickboxing workout!

It was fun, it was grueling, and we can't wait to do it again! Ego Eimi focuses on circuits that involve strength training and cardio kickboxing. Let's just say those punching bags were in for a treat last Sunday when they had 15+ strong women showing them who's boss! ;) 

We thought it would be fun to do a little spotlight on Ashley, since she was so amazing and inspired all of us to work a little harder and give it everything we had. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing lady!


Ambassador Spotlight


cardio kickboxing workout

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My name is Ashley and I was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa until 19, then reborn and raised in California as a U.S. Marine where I truly learned a lot about who I am.

After serving 8 years on Active Duty, I decided to get out and plant some roots for my 2 amazing boys; Carter who will be 14 this year, and Blake who is in his last year before being a teenager - coming up on 12 years young.  I work in Logistics for the military but my true passion is fitness and health.  I recently starting leading Kickboxing Circuits at Ego Eimi in Eldridge and will complete my certificate for Personal Training this summer.  My future plans include teaching women to lift heavy and sculpt their body as they see beautiful.

I have not always loved fitness but I started lifting weights 3+ years ago and haven't stopped. 

cardio kickboxing circuit

I love lifting heavy sh*t at the gym and would trade cardio for shopping anytime!

The gym and lifting is a way of life that I believe can help anyone through past hurt, trauma or just a bad day! The ability to transform your body into what you want is such a powerful and rewarding thing.

I enjoy the art of trying to be at 2-3 places at once when baseball and soccer overlap, and may or may not be the loudest mom in the stands; supporting these little dudes every chance I get. We love vacationing to warmer climates and cheering on our Cubbies!

I live each day for God and love the practice of Manifestation and Personal Affirmations. The mind is a powerful thing and I truly believe your body will take you where your mind leads you.

I am so excited and blessed to be part of H&S - a brand that has been created with drive, inspiration and limitless beliefs!  With every workout, I match my outfit as much as possible, it makes me feel strong and beautiful so it's no secret that my match game with squat proof leggings and athleisure has increased! #matchgamestrong

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about me! The Sky's the limit, how far will you go? 

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your story with us! And thank you for your service! 

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Ashley is a genuine gem of a person! I served with her in California and She is just fun to be around because her attitude is contagious! I’m so glad she has found this new passion and if I’m ever in the area, I’d love to take some classes with coach Ashley!

Heidi B May 11, 2019

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