A Peek Inside Harper & Sky

Ever since we debuted on WQAD News Channel 8 last week (and then again on WHO TV Channel 13 in Des Moines), we’ve had a lot of people reaching out asking to know more about us.

My name is Natasha, and I created and own Harper & Sky with my husband, Chad. We’re from Bettendorf, Iowa – which is where our virtual world has its headquarters.

I’m a mama to the most incredible five year old boy, Cooper. He is the love of my life, and the best intern for Harper & Sky. His favorite thing is helping me prep all the boxes, and give his opinion on the photo shoots! I have to say, he’s had some great ideas so far! He was absolutely thrilled when he watched our debut on the news, exclaiming over and over that we are now “famous!” (although he was a little upset that he wasn’t part of the interview.. ha!)

Basically, Harper & Sky has been a dream years in the making, and only become a reality last fall.

It was important to me in creating Harper & Sky, that we strive to make every woman feel beautiful; every woman deserves to stand out. We’ve been working with designers in LA to bring in curated looks each month that are inclusive, while giving the feel that they are completely exclusive.

We wanted Harper & Sky to not only be an online boutique, but to become a community where women can come together and empower one another; a place where we can all feel good about ourselves and what we’re doing. To find that confidence within each and every one of us, and form some amazing bonds and sense of community along the way. For the women in the Quad Cities, but also for the women that shop with us around the world. We’ve been fortunate enough already to have shoppers in California, Texas, and even London, to name a few. To be able to connect with women from all over really touches my heart.

Although we ship globally, we’re really proud of our home and strive to maintain strong roots in the Quad Cities. We love collaborating and working with other entrepreneurs, friends, and businesses around our home town. We feel there’s something so amazing when people come together and find ways to partner and work toward a common goal. We’ve had amazing opportunities to work with our friends at Haus of Heir, and Ashley Hempel Photography on a couple of our bigger shoots, and can’t wait to share some things we have planned for later this year!

A lot of people have wondered where the name Harper & Sky came from. When we were in the early stages of planning this world, I had just finished reading an article about Harper Lee. Let it be known that I am a complete and utter book worm. Reading is more than a hobby for me, and I absolutely love everything having to do with books, writing, blogging – you name it. Anyway, in this article, it said that when Harper Lee first wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, she was terrified to release it. She was so worried about what people would think, because she “wasn’t a writer/author.” But then – something really amazing happened. She released it anyway, and look what it became. Huge. Whether you’ve read it or not, I bet you recognize the name.

That put a lot of things in perspective for me. I am extremely guilty of always putting myself in this little box. Thinking that I have to go in a certain direction because it’s whats expected of me. That I can never break out and try something new, even if it’s something that brings me a lot of joy. But if I stop and think about what could happen if I tried? Well the sky is the limit.

Hence..Harper & Sky.

Anyway, enough about me, and enough about our background. We have had a lot of amazing support along the way, and I am only just even more excited to continue to share what we have planned.



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