3 Sporty Outfits: Use for Loungewear + Workout Gear at Home

Dressing right now is its own challenge. When your agenda keeps you mostly in the house, it's easy to just continue wearing the ratty sweatpants you slept in. Which was fun...for exactly two days.

  1. It gets old.
  2. You'll likely turn the video option off calls.
  3. But the biggy? You're less likely to get moving. 

The answer? Compile some sporty outfits which still feel loungewear comfy but look video call worthy AND motivate you to move. If you are already dressed to workout, the chances of you popping open that yoga app or doing even five minutes of interval training skyrocket. 

1. Snakeskin Gym Leggings + Slouchy Tee + Cardigan

Wear a sports bra under your tee and with a few removals you'll be ready to get your run on. 

A sporty outfits with snakeskin gym leggings to take you from loungewear to workout


> Longline Open Front Cardigan

> Black Mamba Snake Foil Print Highwaist Leggings

> Matching Criss Cross Back Sports Bra in Black Snakeskin Foil

> Round Neck Cap Sleeve Shirt

2. Soft Hoodie on Top - Sassy Silver Snake Leggings Waist Down

Wearing a little sassy from the waist down will spark sudden urges to swing into action. 

Silver Snakeskin Gym Legging with a soft sweater hoodie for sassy sparks of inspiration


>Silver Snake High Waist Leggings

>Thermal Edit-Length Boxy Hoodie Sweatshirt

Add the Racerback Silver Snake Crop Top for workouts

3. Tie Up the Tee for Style, Then Release

It's like holding a yoga pose then letting it go. And it feels just as delicious.

Loose long tees can be tied up to give it a more formal body conscious look for working out


> Essential Long Round Neck Tee in Grey

> Moto Glide Mesh Leggings

Both pieces also come in Plus Size!

Using Workout Clothes for Loungewear Gives You The Push You Need

Sure, your dog may be the only one seeing you workout now. But you can justify spending on affordable stylish workout clothes knowing they'll see the gym in the near future. With a twist, they look like everyday sporty outfits - put together enough to hop on video classes but comfy enough to wear all day. 

Plus, it's a well-known fact...if you've already got your workout clothes on, you're much more motivated to get even a quickie workout or jog around the block in. You can go right back to the next episode of your binge without missing a beat. And you'll fight off the quarantine 15.

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